What's the Time?

I was thinking about maybe doing a clock tower for my 5th year project 2011. I havnt done any research on the topic but I know there would be some really interesting stuff out there. Its purely speculation at this stage and I have a few more ideas in my head to explore - its also holidays so I should be focusing more energy on having fun at the beach. In the mean time here is some inspirational work by Tjep... embrace the laser cutter

Ideas Project

The ideas project was a one week group project I did with fellow student Greg Lee. We were asked to create architecture with no specific program or brief. Our site was Nobby's headland that before white settlement was an island off the river mouth of the Hunter River. The Dignity of the island was destroyed  when it was decapitated to form a breakwall that linked the island back to the mainland.
Lately I have been obsessed with the architectural spatial qualities of the labyrinth and the philosophical meanings the space can evoke. By applying this concept to site we hoped to evoke the notion of separation to the island and  restore its original character. Through spatial augmentation, obstruction and interference of a world we naturally sleep walk through, a discovery is made within this new, low definition space that becomes formless, depthless and scaleless
Through this transition of space the discoverer finds themselves removed from the cities visual cues and references. Dethatched and isolated with only the infinity of the horizon and the sky.
Delighting and disturbing the senses, a heightened sensory awareness is created as the user is almost forced to feel their way through the space blindly, feeling and hearing the wind through the information laden posts, the sound of waves, the sound of activities, movement of light and the feeling of anxiety and seclusion, aids in ones path of discovery.
People create activity within the environment, each with their own path and individual meaning (a child would experience the space different to an adult or teenager). Information on the poles unravels stories of Newcastle’s sub-cultures and historical journeys (arts, history, surf lifesaving etc.) 
Finding their way through, the discoverer is drawn to the empty volumes, the ghosts of the existing large stones that form new event spaces and activities for public use. Each void instils its own individual sense of space, expressing the ever changing constellation of the environment.
We are not trying to recreate the existing islands, though through the manipulation of the positive and negative spaces, from what was once positive now negative, the once existing large stones are highlighted as lost.
The ever-changing movement of the post only assume shape through the influence of the environment (the wind or waves push the post and the form is derived from the environment), the same environment that has shaped Nobby’s over the centuries.

Reverse Cast

This video, particularly the structures featured in it, remind me of architectural models or a scale train landscape. Fun!

Coachelletta from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

Alone in a Crowd, Rolf Sachs

The following images are from a piece by Rolf Sachs entitled Alone in a Crowd. Seen from afar the work reads as a crowd of people but when up close you can recognise the individual, random and often humorous fragments of everyday life. With the exception of families or couples everyone remains largely subordinate to each other and it really makes us question our role in society or as part of the crowd. It also reminds me a lot of the flaneur, a term used by Walter Benjamin when he describe the intoxicating feeling of walking the streets in order to experience it... Its funny how we act independently in the city yet function as an integral part of society as a whole. How interesting the person next to you must be... or maybe not?

Miss Frankie Sunshine

A very special love of mine has just opened an online fashion boutique where you can find some amazing items of clothing that will make your wardrobe cooler than a cucumber cocktail www.frankiesunshine.com.au She is always impressing me with her style and creativity... wooopwooo xxx


Under Construction

Rock Hughes Residence

This is a house I have been doing for a friend, its very exciting because they are the best clients you could ask for. They are very open to a wide range of ideas, have complete trust in my work and are perhaps more excited to see the house built then me. The existing house posed a design challenge and I think by working around it an even more interesting design solution has been realised. The addition has been sliced, cut and pushed to form courtyards for landscaping, cross ventilation and to allow sunlight into the building, whilst maintain privacy and opening up to the views of the ocean. This has created a pavilion styled home that is nestled amongst the tree tops.
 Existing Residence
Design Strategy

Design Scheme

 Developed Design

Rethinking Utopia Today

Response to Place
This proposal for One Alfred Street in the Sydney City CBD is a critique of the urban phenomena and the utopian association that the residential high rise evokes. This project develops the idea that within the bustling inner-city environment consumerism is the ultimate utopian desire, always changing and in pursuit of the new or the next best thing. This dream however, is burdened with an ultimate dystopian realisation or the unrealistic projection that destroys any notion of complex social order.
Rather than pursue a similar reality the building appropriates the object of mass production – the car automation machine from the production line – and develops a new architectural paradigm that is more befitting for the urban context. This idea totally revolutionises our traditional concept of building practice with technology available to us, not tomorrow but today.

Response to Technology
The building develops a sophisticated system for the automation machine that relies on the building to both SERVE and SURVIVE. The robots are retrofitted to enable it to perform three major tasks as an integral component of the building’s design.
ONE: The first stage of integration is the use of the machine during the construction phase that relieves people of heavy lifting and laborious tasks. The machine is programmed to construct the building piece by piece, 24 hours a day.
TWO: The second function is the optimisation of the facade to protect the building from the harsh Australian climate. Half of the modular facade panels are solar collectors that the machine moves around to protect the units from the sun and collect solar energy for the building and the machines.
THREE: The robots also provide a lift service for the occupants of the building that delivers them to their front door. By removing the traditional lift core better unit efficiency is achieved as well as cross ventilation for every unit.

Response to Australian Culture
The proposal is a response to the increased densification of living within the urban environment, particularly the Sydney City CBD. As technology quickly becomes more advanced, the urban dweller is among the first to embrace technology as a prosthetic attachment to their body and the new sophisticated lifestyle it entails. All excess power generated by the facade system is stored in battery cells within the basement and provides a major hub for these people to connect into. This project becomes a celebration of the ‘plug-in’ generation, interconnected with the rapid transformation of a technological driven society it embraces the ubiquitous automation as part of the development for modern life and a future full of hope.

One Mile Surf Club, First Year

This project is designed using pattern language as a way of being respectful to the beautiful surrounds of One Mile Beach whilst at the same time functioning as an operative Surf Club. The building sits comfortably in the natural sand dunes and becomes part of the environment. Using a material palette of polished concrete and old railway sleepers the building has the ability to grow naturally in time and place. The poetics of the project are realised as the morning sun rises and illuminates the watch tower using the reflection pond  - This allows it to be easily spotted if in trouble in the surf. The tower shines brightly throughout the day and as the sun sets and the people leave the beach the building waits in silence until the sun rises again.