These are from my sketch book over the last couple of months. In no particular order

Be Like the Cow

There is a good interview with François Roche from R&Sie(n) that can be found here. In particular I found the following statements highly evocative and interesting to consider.

 FR Do we need to accept the economy of the devil to fight against the devil? Is that the question? I can’t answer. It depends on what you’re doing. Is it to clean the money? No. If it’s to use the money to show that the system is corruptible, and to show how you can use it to create an alternative – perhaps. You can refuse the economy out of principle, to say: ‘I don’t want the post-capitalist economy. I want to do my own work by myself for my own purposes’. But in that case you can’t be an architect. Mainly, we are in a field where there is intrinsically a negotiation with the devil. We are exactly in the middle of the negotiation. Sometimes, I dream to be a writer or philosopher, a profession where you can be outside. But as an architect, you have to find a more sophisticated strategy than this kind of literal romanticism of Don Quixote. You have to be inside and outside, a sort of schizophrenia.
FR We are push-and-pull with real commissions, exhibitions, teaching laboratories and lectures. The architecture field is becoming poorer and poorer, compared with the increasing sophistication of what is expected of us. We spend a lot of time working on projects, and we are not clearly paid for the sophisticated work we do. Now, architecture offices are relying on the work of interns to produce sophisticated work – it’s slavery. Why are we using interns to produce work for capitalism, while at the same time we try to fight capitalism? It’s contradictory. It’s not only us – it’s a widespread problem. To be an architect is to reveal this contradiction, to make it visible.

I think the way R&Sie(n) operates is an excellent model to follow.

Hybrid Muscle (2003) Chiang Mai


Exhibition tonight at Padington Town Hall, 5:30 for one night only.

Homebake on Saturday, looking forward to seeing Nick Cave.

Picasso Exhibition on Sunday...

Exhibition Prints


This is a small movie I put together for my final project. The beginning is taken from footage of the closure and demolition of BHP in Newcastle. Other parts of the movie are spliced with footage from the movie Zeotrope, a short film adaptation of a Kafka Novel called The Trial. Both influenced the project in various forms and help evoke emotion and dialogue about the work.

Climate Change

I was looking for an old newspaper to make a print of my work. This one is more than appropriate, it is an article about the radical weather experienced in Sydney in 1958. It is interesting to consider that the notion of global warming has been speculated now for over 50 years and that man himself maybe responsible...maybe its time to act

Dudley Residence

A couple of photos taken a few weeks ago out on site. The clients have now moved in, it will be good to see without the work truck in the driveway and all the landscaping done.

Thats my dog, she loves site visits but hates nail guns


I have been busy focusing on producing work for the final submission so I have been off the internet as much as possible but I will definitely have some stuff to post soon. These are a couple of progress photos of the models under construction.
1 week to go!!!

IDEA Introduction

The project has been developed out of an interest in Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project where he explores the rich diversity of activities, people and human behaviour in and around our built environment. Benjamin constructs the cities topographical domains of the flâneur as a stage for the marvels of the everyday.

The proposed project restores the historical notion of the wharf as a place positioned at the edge of society, both physically and conceptually. Characterised by its diverse activity, transgressive program, empathetic fascination with the crowd and otherworldiness of transience, drinking, violence and prostitution; the radical antithesis of contemporary harbour development.

Slipway Carrington

Ship Mill

Dyke Point Carrington

Albert Tucker