Rem Koolhaas, amazing Architect, thinker, social observer and Artist...

 Drawing of Dreamland, Rem Koolhaas, 1977
Swimmer, Rem Koolhaas/OMA, 1981

A Friendly Urbanism Debate...

If you have a spare 18 minutes and 3 seconds I can highly recommend the following talk by Rob Adams on the densification of our cities, particularly Melbourne, and the urban strategies we can put in place to respond to issues pertained to sustainability. Adam's discusses the current uses of our public transport and infrastructure and how by increasing the efficiency of our developments around these arterial routes we can create more positive, productive, responsive and economically viable city. He raises some great points about our current suburban trends and offers some in depth analysis with historical reference to the problems we face and what we can do to fix them. What is also highly interesting is Adam's comments on the Now + When Australian Urbanism Exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2010, (also a chance for me to drop in some amazing imagery) all of which create a rather dystopian perspective of our future cities. Images that Adam's says, scare the public rather than represent a reality that is perhaps more achievable and conceivable.
On a further note I would also like to raise the point...what is that we as architects or designers find so appealing about these types of images? I must admit that I find myself drawn into these dark emotional spaces with surreal sunsets, sublime vertigo and vast emptiness - as you can see in some of the following images. All of which I must say are very impressive.

 island proposition 2100 (ip2100),  scott lloyd, aaron roberts (room11) and katrina stoll

 'aquatown', NH architecture with andrew mackenzie

 The Saturation City project, produced in Colaboration with Dsykors, MGS and material Thinking

The Anti-hero

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison have created a breathtaking series of photographs entitled The Architects Brother. What I love about art, architecture and certainly many types of music is its ability to conduct a narrative devoid from any words and for us to create our own interpretation of the piece that evokes unique sentimental feelings that may or may not have been the artist original intention. For me with this piece I question the role of the Architect (or creator) as empowered by the role of God. It is perhaps his brother here that has taken the role of assistant or apprentice and busily works behind the curtain to prepare us for the vision of the world we see today, or perhaps he is busily repairing the damage we have inflicted on the world around us. There is a dystopian quality that we cant avoid as our anti-hero cleans away the relics of a consumerist society to propagate new life.  Optimistic or doomed, I will let you decide that...

A Quick Update

Just a few quick images taken nearly two weeks ago (on site tomorrow so I will have some more photos to post very soon). Its exciting to see the timber frame infill express the volume and shape of the Living Wing. Also I have just signed off the final steel drawings so the next few weeks are going to be extremely busy.

Mr Peter Callesen

These wonderful pieces of magical paper fantasies are created by Peter Callesen . The thought process and medium used in his works is so simple yet at the same time overtly sophisticated, clever and uniquely beautiful. Please enjoy

The Excitement of the Flanuer

A late afternoon walk to a recently discovered pearl of Newcastle evoked the sentimental notions of the flanuer. A quiet stroll around a street corner, a dirt path followed by a footbridge and the awaiting excitement of a hidden park, old ship moorings, palm trees, coal carriages and the sublime coal ships and loaders. As Newcastle struggles to fight the stigma of its industrial ugliness I find this type of architecture beautiful. I am predicting a constructivist revival - if it hasn't already come and gone with the likes of Neil Denari.

 Notice the Christ Church Cathedral in the Background
 And the Luna landscape in the background of this picture.

The Steel Has Arrived

A lot has happened since my last post, the steel has arrived in incredible fashion. Lifted over the neighbours house the steel for the Living Wing was erected in under 2 days. All the builder has to do now is fill in blanks.