The Anti-hero

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison have created a breathtaking series of photographs entitled The Architects Brother. What I love about art, architecture and certainly many types of music is its ability to conduct a narrative devoid from any words and for us to create our own interpretation of the piece that evokes unique sentimental feelings that may or may not have been the artist original intention. For me with this piece I question the role of the Architect (or creator) as empowered by the role of God. It is perhaps his brother here that has taken the role of assistant or apprentice and busily works behind the curtain to prepare us for the vision of the world we see today, or perhaps he is busily repairing the damage we have inflicted on the world around us. There is a dystopian quality that we cant avoid as our anti-hero cleans away the relics of a consumerist society to propagate new life.  Optimistic or doomed, I will let you decide that...

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