A Friendly Urbanism Debate...

If you have a spare 18 minutes and 3 seconds I can highly recommend the following talk by Rob Adams on the densification of our cities, particularly Melbourne, and the urban strategies we can put in place to respond to issues pertained to sustainability. Adam's discusses the current uses of our public transport and infrastructure and how by increasing the efficiency of our developments around these arterial routes we can create more positive, productive, responsive and economically viable city. He raises some great points about our current suburban trends and offers some in depth analysis with historical reference to the problems we face and what we can do to fix them. What is also highly interesting is Adam's comments on the Now + When Australian Urbanism Exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2010, (also a chance for me to drop in some amazing imagery) all of which create a rather dystopian perspective of our future cities. Images that Adam's says, scare the public rather than represent a reality that is perhaps more achievable and conceivable.
On a further note I would also like to raise the point...what is that we as architects or designers find so appealing about these types of images? I must admit that I find myself drawn into these dark emotional spaces with surreal sunsets, sublime vertigo and vast emptiness - as you can see in some of the following images. All of which I must say are very impressive.

 island proposition 2100 (ip2100),  scott lloyd, aaron roberts (room11) and katrina stoll

 'aquatown', NH architecture with andrew mackenzie

 The Saturation City project, produced in Colaboration with Dsykors, MGS and material Thinking

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