There is something mythical and romantic about the airship, as if a fabled bird that once graced the skies and is now an endangered species. If it has gone unnoticed I have used  the catastrophic failure of one of mans most graceful inventions for my logo. The airship and architecture rely on the skills and knowledge of the engineer to remain aloft, pushing the physical limits and suspended in reality, a sudden failure brings no more greater ending. But it is this dramatic destruction that transfixes man, just as everyone's eyes from around the world were tuned into the events surrounding September 11, man craves creative destruction. Could it be our desire to create is also our desire to destroy.
I have stumbled upon Song Jie Lim's  Airavata and it truly is an inspiration to create. His work from the AA's Intermediate Unit 3 - Myths of the Artificial focuses on life’s most precious resource, water and the world of myth to create a narrative project that is indeed mythical and romantic. He uses the airship to seed the rain clouds in order to reduce the intensity of a sudden down pour along the mud plains opposite Varanasi, Hinduism’s holy city. The following is some of his work.

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