IDEA 01 Clinic for the Alcoholic

The idea is derived from the current trend in Newcastle to restore old buildings and turn them into the latest nightclub or trendy bar - a process that perhaps demoralises the building and to an extent the social demographic who find themselves at these drinking establishments on any given night. Clinic for the Alcoholic foresees the demise of society to the level as illustrated in William Hogarth's Gin Lane and the need for an establishment, that through the architecture and a certain spatial language, is able to reform or cure the alcoholic.
An artist way ahead of his time and I believe an inspiration for the Modernism is William Hogarth who often featured prostitutes, gamblers, cruelty and drunks in his work. Produced in 1751, I love his portrayal of Gin Street and Beer Lane for its satirical nature and social observation of the effects of drinking gin, then seen as a harder liquor that was problematic for society. Gin Street is juxtaposed against the more acceptable, social and happy Beer Street. The irony I guess, and what posses a problem for me if I followed through with this type of project is the honesty of human nature expressed in Gin Lane (also heavily influencing the surrealist movement) and the joy of intoxication, free from the bourgeoisie values imposed on us by the means of production in a capitalist society.
If I do pursue the Clinic for the Alcoholic it would be influenced by the process and stylistic narrative of Douglas Darden's Clinic for Sleep Disorders.

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