IDEA 02 Artist Asylum

The question is, if Vincent Van Gogh lived today would he have created the art that he did or would he have been given pills that made him function as part of what is considered to be the social norm...
Is it healthy for society to have these types of expectations that we all operate in shades of grey. When given the decision to take medication to be treated for mental illness and loose their artistic talent, many artist would rather choose to live with their erratic and fragmented madness, some wouldn't, i think this is healthy in society.
The fine line between artistic genius and mental illness is an intriguing topic, particularly when we consider it in architectural terms. What I propose is a type of voluntary anti-prison for a selective group of artistic geniuses (musicians, artists, writers etc.). The idea is that the proposal would become a isolated development free from the rest of society - society to the artistic genius would be considered the prison and the isolated development utopia. This idea would inform the architecture and stimulate certain moods/views/atmospheres.

Vincent Van Gogh - The Starry Night 1889
Vincent Van Gogh - Self Portrait 1889

Vincent Van Gogh - Skull with Cigarette 1886

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