IDEA 07 Wharfies Saloon

At the other end of the spectrum to Clinic for the Alcoholic is the idea for a Wharfies Saloon. In order to develop a greater understanding between the separate worlds of the Clinic and of intoxication we can observe an opposite relationship to that which exists between Apollo and Dionysus.
We glimpse into the innermost depths of human beings through the analogy of intoxication. No matter how alienated, hostile, or subjugated, under the magic of the Dionysian all man and nature locks itself in place, rejoicing freely in the festivities of earths gifts. In Nietzsche Birth and Tragedy he proclaims that;
Singing and dancing, man expresses himself as a member of a higher unity. He has forgotten how to walk and talk and is on the verge of flying up into the air as he dances. The enchantment speaks out in his gestures. Just as the animals speak and the earth gives milk and honey, so now something supernatural echoes out of him. He feels himself a god. He now moves in a lofty ecstasy, as he saw the gods move in his dream. The man is no longer an artist. He has become a work of art. The artistic power of all of nature, the rhapsodic satisfaction of the primordial unity, reveals itself here in the intoxicated performance. 
The possible location I have chosen for my 5th year major work is in the harbour suburb or Carrington which has had a long reputation for its crude drinking establishments and "Wharfie" culture. The town still remains a stop off location for the many coal and cargo vessels that visit the harbour each day but the gentrification of the suburb has all but cleaned up the feverish excitement of exuberant sexual promiscuity, lust and cruelty that once existed. Thus the location of the old Carrington Pump House becomes an ideal location for the proposed Wharfies Saloon. The name suggests a public bar but because of the scope of work and complexity of program it would more realistically be a brewery with the additional facilities of a bar. The Brewery would become a celebration of the social collective experienced through mystical alcoholic obliteration.

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