Alcoholic Architecture

This brings a new idea to my proposed Warfies Saloon. A walk-in cocktail has opened in London where just entering the bar could get you drunk.

Gin and tonic vapours are pumped into the air at Alcoholic Architecture where visitors pay £5 each to spend an hour inside the breathable cocktail.

The interior is decorated to look like a giant cocktail glass with huge limes, massive straws and a soundtrack of liquid being poured over ice cubes.

Visitors are advised to wear protective suits to prevent the smell getting into their clothes and even without a drink they will leave feeling tipsy.

It is not known if heavy breathers will be treated as binge-drinkers and kicked out.

Alcoholic Architecture is the brainchild of Sam Bompas and Harry Parr who have already brought us scratch and sniff cinema and jelly banquets.

Harry Parr said: "I'm interested in states of matter. Here we've vaporised a cocktail. In the future I would like to make a liquid banqueting table."


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