Naja & deOstos

I recently purchased Pamphlet Architecture 29, Ambiguous Spaces by Naja & deOstos and their position on architecture is a refreshing change from the kind of market-satisfying function that defines so much contemporary architectural design and thinking today. The orientation of their projects helped me clarify my direction for my final year work. Brett Steele describes their work as "designed to speculate-on the unexpected strangeness, the otherworldliness of how human beings have already transformed their world through infrastructural modernization. It is important architectural work that takes as its site the most prosaic and ordinary features of our planet; large-scale infrastructures...attention is focused on the unexpectedly alien (non-) places created by large scale infrastructure", including post-industrial terrains. Through peculiar building programs and unusual sites they criticize the contemporary built environment and see architecture in wholly unexpected ways.  These projects operate as a forum for discussion on the global modernisation that transforms our society. Steele also describes the current architectural culture as "undoubtedly growing more and more global, generic and market driven. We live in a time when contemporary architectural culture has nearly surrended itself to the pervasive circumstances of global economies and the imperatives of their accelerating markets, technologies, and development."  

"These projects not only fulfill a program or propose solutions but also materialize conflicting stories, framing events into a plot-magical, ironic, tragic, or informative." (Naja & deOstos)

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