Possible Site Location?

Interesting backdrop and relationship to Newcastle...


  1. great site... looks really good. I was thinking that you maybe could look at Ledoux's saltworks at Chaux as a precedent for this. It is an interesting reflection on work, architecture and urbanism and was an obvious inspiration for Darden. Work (and industry) in this period was spatialised, and as a result projects like Diderot's Encyclopedia, itemised production and then reconfigured it in space through invented techniques of representation. I also mentioned this to Greg. You might also get something out of Giedion's work, Mechanisation Takes Command which shows the relationship to architecture in the development of industry. Frampton wrote an essay "Industrialisation and the Crises in Architecture" which you can find in Hays' Oppositions Reader... He argues that the century between 1750 and 1850 saw a dramatic transformation in architecture where the engineering and artistry of buildings were irreversibly separated. You might also find Ernst's collages of Nineteenth Century interiors in surrealist contexts... some are drawn from Diderot. Giedion makes reference to these in Mechanisation... and it his earlier work on iron in building was an inspiration to Benjamin in the 1920s. Foster wrote a chapter on the outmoded in Compulsive Beauty... you might also find this quite useful as a starting point... anyway, enough theory... take care mc

  2. I have been throughly enjoying your blog, work and thoughts. Im just curious to know why you decided to pursue this site and move away from the brewery in the Carrington Pump House?