A game of chance

Torgeir Husevaag is a Norwegian artist who has created this series of work based on the visualisation of data collected during a game of poker. In a way that succumbs to the game of chance each players moves are mapped and illustrated in a way that crystallises the flow of chips and cards in graphic form.

There is only five basic acts in poker; bet, raise, call, check, and fold, but they create a quite complex language, since each of these “words” have the potential to chance meaning according to the context it is implied within... My works based on poker translate these processes into visual imagery; the performances focus in on the group-dynamics, the video and installations use the flow of values, as well as the game-aesthetics as their starting-point (green felt, focused lightning, hands, cards and chips in motion). In my drawings the above-mentioned basic acts of poker (and their consequences) are translated into signs, directions and connections. A language created to describe the use of another language, - that of the game.

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