Slavecity by Atelier Van Lieshout

I love the political incorrectness and satiric nature of Van Lieshout's Slavecity, it reminds me of Bruno Taut's Alpine Architecture. The project follows a dystopian narrative similar to the fiction books of Huxley’s Brave New World or H. G. Well’s Men Like God.

The following words are from the artist:
Before entering SlaveCity and becoming an inhabitant you have to pass the Welcoming Center. In this large building the participants are selected for their suitability to come and work in SlaveCity. Old, cripple, sick and bad tasting people will be recycled in the biogas digester. Healthy, not so clever people, will be recycled in the meat processing factory. Young and very healthy people will be able to take part in the organ transplant program. Healthy, clever people will go to work in the CallCenter. Values, ethics, esthetics, moral, food, energy, economics, organization, management and market are turned upside-down, mixed and reformulated and designed into a town of 200.000 inhabitants. The ‘inhabitants’ work for seven hours each day in office jobs and seven hours in the fields of inside the workshop, before being allowed three hours of relaxation before they sleep for seven hours.


Within the city there are two Slave Universities, one for males and one for females. The Female Slave University goes on 24/7, the slaves are functioning in 7 hour shifts (7 hours of study, 7 hours of work on the grounds or other supportive activities, 7 hours of rest and 3 hours of personal care such as eating, washing and relaxing). Male Slave University is the educational centre for the male slaves in SlaveCity. The building is shaped as a heptagon with seven large, impressive auditoriums which are centred around a central multifunctional space.   This model of Male Slave University has a cut-away and reveals the interior of the lecture halls, dormitories and teacher’s lounge
The city also features a luxurious female brothel that is shaped like a sperm. In this the male slaves can indulge. The male at the end of the tale has to fight their way through different sections. Only the strongest and most clever men will find their way to the front, where the women will wait for them, in a round arena where they will perform their last battle. Micro, meta and macro levels in our society are the same. The male ‘participants’ of SlaveCity are not being paid for their work in the call centers. Instead of a payment they receive privileges such as a visit to a brothel. The brothels for the higher-class slaves are far more luxurious. In the 5 star brothel for men the slaves can choose between different kinds of pleasure. There are also mini modular brothels. Designed for the lower-class slaves, the modular brothel mixes the style of Bauhaus, a Socialist Plattenbau and a ramshackle wood construction.

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