Sin Centre 1961-1963

Last year I did my research dissertation on Archigram and their use of montage to represent the vitality of the street and human experience. With the exception of Simon Sadler's Architecture without Architecture, the theoretical validity of Archigram’s work has long been dismissed by prolific critical theorists such as Denise Scott Brown and Reyner Banham as “short on theory, long on draughtsmanship". I looked at establishing a new theoretical framework and integrity for the group following investigation into their extensive use of montage by identifying characteristics associated with the historical avant-garde and the integrity that distinguishes Archigram’s social, political and psychological position, particularly through the writings of Peter Burger in his seminal book Theory of the Avant-Garde.
Like action hero's I would have to say that my two favorite members are David Greene for his theoretical position towards architecture and Michael Webb for his revolutionary thinking and amazing technical presentation. Sin Centre is one such project by Michael Webb, the technical and theoretical resolution is truly a representation of his talent. The full text on this project can be found here along with a staggering number of other projects by the group.

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