Street Section

Influenced by Piranesi's etching of Roman drainage works, the emerging French urban planning tradition, and the reconstruction work following the 1755 earthquake in Lisbon, Portugal, Pierre Patte developed an image for the first section of a street that articulated new ways of managing rain and wastewater. His image is considered one of the first cross-sections to include both the neighbouring buildings that define the street and the interconnected works of engineering that link interiors to the urban underground. In this latter role, Patte's drawing is also the first to articulate the fluid discharges of the city that arise within water and sewerage networks. Not only is wastewater conveyed from the building's interior to the sewer, but Patte considered the wat that water running off a building's roof and onto the street might also be sent into the underground sewer.

Subnature : Architecture's Other Environments
Gissen, David

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