Glass Tower II

Why does a man build a Tower?
To fight off enemies? To transmit TV pro-
grams? To house more inhabitants and to
economize high costly earth? No, no [and] no!
That's a lie and the masking of the real [and]
the only true function of a Tower [-] to shout
as loud as possible: "here I am! Look how st-
rong and mighty I am!" All the rest - the ele-
vators, the floors and the countless clercks
filling the Tower [-] exist only to put on a mask.
Let us build at last the Real Tower - "A Glass
Tower for a Little Man." It will be a gigantic
glass cylinder standin[g] in the very
center of a town. There will be nothing in-
side but a glass staircase leading to it.
A man can go upstairs [,] and at the moment
he enters the room, his Old Dream comes true:
Due to the newest technical inventions and
wonderful nature of glass[,] a little Man will
fill in by himself the gigantic Tower. And
all the town will see him[,] and every tremen-
dously enlarged spot on his nice face will
shout: "look, here I am!" Afterwards the
Man will disappear t give place to the next
one... so welcome to the Glass Tower!!!
(Works day and night)

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