Developed Design

This isnt an urban renewal plan, it is a reaction against the very type of market satisfying architecture that is shaping our social environment, stifling innovation and our freedom of choice.
The strict organisation of Newcastle's harbour development and commercially driven architecture has decayed any notion of a complex social order. A monoculture of greed and power has swollen within the urban condition of the city and unconsciously generated a mode of violence, drunkenness and unsolicited behavior. Only through civil disobedience and Dionysian activities is the individual able to be liberated of the oppression sustained by a society of control.
As the demand for inner city residential developments intensifies and prices increase the after hours activities and unsolicited behavior are no longer welcomed in the city and are being forced to occupy new territories.
On the industrial harbour edge of Carrington, opposite the Honeysuckle precinct a new type of development emerges. Under the shadows of the monumental silo's, factories and coal terminals, symbols of our greed and environmental destruction, Carrington's rich historical past is reopened and the vitality of human existence explored.Compassion, equality and moral virtue are examined through the collective unity and otherworldliness of drinking, violence, prostitution, transience and gambling.

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