Curious Practice

After finishing university I was concerned with the mediocrity, lack of ambition and unsustainability of the current modes of building and architecture being undertaken in the larger architecture firms and housing companies around Newcastle. This type of development offers very little in its capacity to fulfil the needs of our increasingly complex lives and ability to change and adapt in the current shifting environment. The skills that we develop at university to approach a problem are incredibly complex and in order to stay relevant we must evolve. This is where Curious Practice was spawned, a small Newcastle practice that supports a large variation of technical and practical assets. We uses the most current and sophisticated software available to produce and present work. The skills that are used to engage in the built environment are all in-house and include the production of CAD drawing, 2D, 3D & 4D visualisation, art and sculpture, model making, web development, light and visual projections, video and audio production. Check out our website, more information will be uploaded shortly and it will continue to change as Curious Practice mutates

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